Noise Nuisance Monitoring and Recordings

Singapore is a fairly noisy city. Prolong exposure to noisy environment and noise nuisance can result in determental effects to your health and quality of life. It can cause hypertension, annoyance and sleep disturbance and result in family disharmony. Scientific researches have found that changes in the immune system and birth defects have also been attributed to noise exposure. If you are dealing with an inconsiderate and noisy neighbours and the issue has persisted for a period of time, you may need a professional noise report to substantial your case.

At Dropnoise, we help to measure and record noise from your inconsiderate and noisy neighbour so that you may use it to indicate a genuine nuisance does exists.

Our noise nuisance monitoring and recording service include:

  1. Initial consultation to determine the date, time, duration and location of recording to be carried out.
  2. Deployment of recording equipment and commencement of recording.
  3. Analysis of data collected and report generation.
  4. Explanation on report.


Common FAQs

1.     I tried to record the noise nuisance but only manage to capture a homing noise. How can I be sure whether you will be able to record the noise nuisance?

While we do not guarantee all noise nuisance can be recorded (as it depends on the environmental noise as well as loudness of the noise nuisance), we are using commercial grade sound measuring device that meet NEA specifications for device used for measuring boundary noise and noise levels for construction work. You may request us for a preliminary study at your site for a 10-15 minutes evaluation of the situation.


2.     What are the charges for the Site Preliminary Study?

Charges run from $50 (Weekdays: 10am – 5pm) to $100 (Weekdays: 5pm – 10.30pm, Weekends: 10am – 6pm). Payment will have to be made before the Site Preliminary Study. Dropnoise accept Paypal (Transaction Fee apply) and Bank Transfer.


3.     Do I need to do a pre-booking?

Yes. You will need to do a booking with us 2 weeks in advance. You will be required to pay an appointment confirmation deposit of $50 which will then be deducted from the final billing. If you decided not to proceed with the measurement, the appointment confirmation deposit will be forfeited.


4.     What are the shortest and longest noise measurement and recordings that can be done?

For noise measurement and recordings duration that fall between 9am to 10pm, minimum recordings duration of 4 hours is required. For measurement and recordings duration that fall between 10pm to 9am, minimum recordings duration of 10 hours is required. That being said, if you required recordings to be done more than 10 hours, it is possible as well.


5.     Can you share with us any previous cases Dropnoise had handled?

All data collected from Clients are confidential. We do not disclose it unless required by law.


6.     Do I need to leave the house (where the measurement will be carried out) when the noise measurement and recordings are proceeding?

To accurately measure and record the noise, it is advisable for no one to be in the house and all devices that will produce sound (e.g. TV, residential phone, alarm clock, etc.) to be switched off.


7.     I can’t leave the house during the noise measurement due to personal reason. Can it be done?

Yes, we can proceed with the measurement. However, do note that we will state whether occupants are present during the measurement in the reports.


8.     Can I use the recorded data and report as evidence in Court?

The equipment used in the noise measurement fulfilled the requirement under Singapore’s NEA Environmental Protection and Management regulations. You may use the data and report as plausible evidence in Court but we do not guarantee the result of the lawsuit.


9.     What are your charges?

Our charges start from $150 onwards. The final service charges will be dependent on three factors, namely, 1) Duration of measurement, 2) Time of measurement, 3) Mode of measurement (i.e. continuous or ad-hoc).


10.     Do you go to court as a witness for us?

We do not represent as your witness in court.


11.     I need to record the noise by the neighbor upstairs. Can you record it?

We use commercial grade measuring equipment that meets international standard IEC 61672-1:2002. However, the amount of sound/noise that can be picked up by the equipment depends on the surrounding noise level as well the loudness of the noise to be recorded.


12.     My neighbor gets noisy for only one-two hours in the middle of the night. Can you do two hours measurement?

Measurements that fall between 10pm to 9am will be charged based on 10 hours block regardless of the actual duration of the measurement. Reason being the equipment is deployed and in use during the duration. We will provide you with a report based on 10 hours measurement unless you specify otherwise.


13.     What if the measurement did not record any noise nuisance?

We will charge as usual unless it happened due to the technical fault of the measurement device. Noise nuisance tend to be persistent and exhibit certain occurrence patterns. We do advice customers to identify the time slots where the noise nuisance will most likely occur prior to engaging us to do the noise measurement.


14.     Can I use your noise measurement device and do the recording myself?

No. The devices used are commercial grade measuring equipment that can only be operated by Dropnoise qualified personnel. In no occasion shall the device should be tampered with or handled (by any third parties).


15.     I am concerned over my privacy. Will my personal data be disclosed?

Your privacy is our first priority. At Dropnoise, we will not disclose your personal data to third party or media without your prior consent. Nevertheless, we might use the measured data collected for our own in-house training. However, your identity will not be revealed.


16.     Will you give us the raw noise recording data in addition to the report?

All data recorded will be provided in the report, including the individual readings.


17.     I lost the previous recorded data and the report. Can you send me a copy of it?

We may not keep all the recorded data and report. In the case where we do have a copy of it, we can provide it for you. Do note that an admin fee of $50 (free registered mail postage) will be charged for the retrieval.


18.     I am a tenant in the house. Can you perform the noise measurement and recordings for me?

You will need to seek for the consent of the owner prior to engaging us. A proof of consent from the owner will be required. At Dropnoise, we take the privacy of the homeowners very seriously.


19.     Is there anything I need to prepare for the noise measurement?

Yes you do. The followings are the things to prepare for:

(a) Identify the best possible spot to measure the noise nuisance.

(b) Provide a clearance area of 77cm x 87cm for the setting up of the measuring equipment. The clearance area should at least be one meter away from walls.

(c) Ensure all noise emitting appliances and devices in the home are switched off. This ensure all noise recorded comes from the nuisance experienced.

(d) Provide a power point for connecting the measuring devices.

(e) Home occupiers/owners advised to vacate the house during the noise measurement.


20.     When can I receive the report after the measurement and recordings was done?

It usually takes us 3 to 5 days to generate the report. If measurements are done over 3 days or more, it will take us longer to generate the report. We will advice on a case-by-case basis.


21.    I like to engage your service. How should I proceed?

After you have determined the measurement timing, duration and date, you may contact us via email or phone. If the date/s and timing/s are available, we will proceed to lock the date and timing for the appointment after you have paid an appointment confirmation deposit of $50. We will go down to your place 30 minutes before the actual record start time on the day of measurement to set up the equipment. A report will be generated and given to you 3-5 days after the measurements are done. You will then pay the remaining amount for the service. Do note that your appointment confirmation deposit will be forfeited should you decided not to proceed with the measurement.


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